I am a final-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University advised by Dr. Tyler Derr. Prior to that, I completed my B.E. degree at Harbin Institute of Technology in 2019. My main research interests focus on Data-centric Graph Machine Learning and Data-quality Aware Graph Neural Networks with applications in Graph-enhanced Recommender Systems and Information Retrieval. I have multiple publications in KDD, WWW, CIKM, WSDM, and AAAI. In addition, I regularly serve as PC members and reviewers for multiple international conferences and journals in machine learning and data mining, such as KDD, ICML, AAAI, WWW, WSDM, CIKM, TKDD, and TNNLS. In addition, I won the best paper award in the 2020 Smokey Mountain Data Challenge Competition by ORNL, first-author of Vanderbilt’s C.F.Chen Best Paper Award in 2022, co-author of Vanderbilt’s C.F. Chen Best Paper Runner-Up Award in 2023, and selected as the sole graduate student recipient of Vanderbilt’s Graduate Leadership Anchor Award for Research in 2023. Moreover, my work Imbalanced Graph Classification via GoG and Collaboration-aware Graph Convolution has been selected as the top-10 most influential paper in CIKM’22 and WWW’23.

I am currently on the job market considering both industrial and academic positions! Meanwhile, I also welcome any potential summer internship next year!

Research Interests (Research Statement):

  • Graph Neural Networks, Graph Machine Learning
  • Data-centric AI and Graph Data-quality Issues: Topology/Imbalance/Bias/Weak
  • AI for Science/Infrastructures
  • Recommender Systems, Information Retrieval, Infrastructure Networks

Email: yu.wang.1 At vanderbilt.edu. Find me on Github, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Scholar



  • [11] Our tutorial 📚 Data-quality-aware Graph Machine Learning has been accepted at SDM'24 Tutorial, see you in Houston!
  • [10] Our paper KG-based Prompting for LLMs has been accepted at Neurips'GLFrontiers workshop, see you in New Orleans!
  • [09] Preprint survey on Fairness in GNNs is available now!
  • [09] Preprint paper on KG-based Prompting for LLMs is available now!
  • [09] Invited to serve as PC for SDM24!
  • [08] Invited to serve as the reviewer for LOG24!
  • [08] Invited to serve as PC for WSDM24 and AAAI24!
  • [07] Preprint survey Recommendation diversity/fairness is available now!
  • [07] Preprint survey Privacy in GNNs is available now!
  • [05] Thrilled to receive 2023 Graduate Leadership Anchor Awards Research Branch!
  • [04] AI for Science preprint Expert Knowledge for Drug Discovery is available online!
  • [03] Invited to serve as a reviewer for JOCO/TKDE/TNNLS!
  • [02] Invited to serve as a subreviewer for ICWSM’23!
  • [02] Invited to serve as a PC member for MLoG@WSDM’23!
  • [01] Thrilled to receive the American Bureau of Shipping Scholarship Award. Thank you, Tyler and our CS Department, for the nomination!
  • [01] Collaboration-aware GNNs is accepted at WWW’23!
  • [01] Invited to serve as PC member for both Research and Applied Track of KDD’23!
  • [01] Invited to serve as the Reviewer for DAMI!


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